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Therapy provides an opportunity to heal, reflect, learn skills, and receive the support you need in order to overcome new or reoccurring life obstacles. As a Psychologist, I have the experience, training, and sensitivity to meet your mental health treatment needs.  


My Treatment Focus

I am here to help you become your most confident, capable, skillful self. The therapy process often involves healing, addressing unresolved issues, decreasing avoidance, and learning skills that will help you navigate through life's rocky waters. My focus is to help you meet your life and treatment goals.  


My Treatment Approach

Every person is unique. My therapy approach consists of understanding your unique needs in order to establish a treatment plan that will be effective for you. This approach may be primarily supportive in nature or it may be rooted in evidence based practices that are recommended for your presenting concerns.

Therapy Services

Depression, anxiety, sadness, PTSD


Situational and chronic stress can rise to overwhelming levels. Injuries, new medical diagnoses, divorce, life transitions, death, highly demanding work environments, and unhealthy relationships can cause emotional and psychological pain. As your Psychologist, I am here to help you cope with the life stressors you're experiencing.



Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are amongst the most common mental health symptoms that people experience. Untreated symptoms can lead to isolation, self-harm thoughts and tendencies, physical complaints, avoidance, lack of productivity, and relationship problems. Through the process of therapy, I will teach you the skills needed in order to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.



Trauma and PTSD

Millions of Americans have experienced some type of trauma in their lifetime. A percentage of these individuals go on to develop the condition of PTSD. I have specialty skills and training to facilitate healing and recovery for trauma and PTSD.

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If you are experiencing a crisis, seek services at your closest Emergency Room. You may also contact the Crisis Support Line at 1-800-273-8255. I am not readily available to respond to emergencies.

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